Young Drivers – Driving Instructors Don’t Have it Easy

young drivers

Teaching kids to drive tougher than giving birth

PARENTS, if you thought bringing your children into the world was tough, try teaching them how to drive. According to recent findings by the AA Driving School, some parents claim they found giving birth easier than teaching their children how to drive.

Of all the different challenges a parent can face bringing up their children, many of them cited teaching them to drive as the most difficult. Around 5% of the parents surveyed ranked illness, guiding their children through tricky schools exams and even giving birth below teaching them to drive in terms of difficult experiences.

When you delve into the findings, there doesn’t seem to be much in it. Their having a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time is ranked the most difficult experience by 5% of parents while one in 25 believe their child’s first day at school tops the charts for them.

Of course, giving birth was still ranked the most difficult experience by 7% of parents surveyed, although that’s not much more than the number of mums and dads tearing their hair out in the passenger’s seat as their offspring attempt to get the hang of driving a car for the first time.

Childhood illness was by far and away the most stressful experience for parents, with 40% agreeing while school exams came in second with one in ten ranking it the most difficult time for them and their child.

Young Drivers – Driving you round the bend?

However, for that stressed out 5% who rank teaching their kids to drive as their biggest parental challenge, a little more patience is required.

It cane take an average of 45 hours of professional lessons and around 22 hours private practice for driving students to pass their test according to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

After that, paying for car insurance for young drivers is likely to be the next big obstacle to clear.

Although it may not be good for the parents’ blood pressure, the AA believe that private practice is essential in helping drivers pass their test as it gives them valuable experience on the road, and in turn helps to build confidence.

“Taking your children out for private practice doesn’t have to be stressful and it certainly shouldn’t be harder than giving birth or getting through a period of illness,” said Jim Kirkwood, managing director of AA Driving School.

“Any amount of extra practice with friends or family is associated with a higher driving test pass rate, so it’s really important that learners have this chance. But, it’s also important that those people taking learners for private practice feel comfortable doing so.”

The AA also advise that studying the Highway Code and up-to-date driving guidelines will also greatly increase chances of passing the driving test and also developing good driving habits.

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