The Advantages of a Specialist Broker

Specialist Insurance BrokerCompare Car Insurance with a Specialist Insurance Broker

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is by using a specialist broker if you are in the above average risk category – but how do you know if you are classed as high risk?

It is not just down to the way you drive (or even the way you crash!) – other factors such as your postcode, occupation, age and vehicle type have the biggest influence on the prices you will be quoted.  There are some brokers who concentrate their business on the high risk customers allowing them find the best prices for your circumstances, whilst everyday brokers could charge you a much higher premium.

There is classic car insurance for instance, these vehicles can carry higher premiums, some of the reasons for these higher premiums are given as, older cars are more expensive to repair and not as reliable as newer car.  So the need for a specialist broker is paramount in getting the cover you need.

On the other side of the coin there are some brokers who think that the owners of classic cars only used them at either weekends or in the summer months, they also usually take a great deal of car of their cars.  These brokers found that some of these owners would be a worthwhile risk for specialist classic car insurance, saving the owners of these vehicles large amounts of money on their premiums.

Sporty Students and Classic High Performance Women!

Specialist brokers do not only insure classic car owners, they have other fields in which they specialise for example Sports and High Performance Cars, Student Drivers, Younger Drivers, Women Drivers and People with driving convictions.

If your requirements include any of these categories, you really do need to speak to a specialist insurance broker. You could be saving hundreds of pounds by speaking to the specialists who deals with the insurance cover you require.  So don’t go on paying those high premiums – go straight to a specialist for someone who can offer the best rates.

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Regardless of whether you area young driver starting out in your first car, have a drink driving conviction or drive a supercar we can find you the best car insurance quote that covers all your needs!

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