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sports carsMany motorists dream of owning a sports car, however, few contemplate the cost of insurance, so, what can be done to find competitive premiums.

If you are over the age of 30, have at least 5 years no claims bonus with no claims in the last 5 years and possess a clean driving record, this may contribute to a lower insurance premium. Whether you own a sports car or not, it always helps if the vehicle is also fitted with a recognised alarm or tracking device and is garaged. It is always worth checking with insurance companies regarding car alarms and trackers that merit additional discounts.

There are many other factors that companies will also use before deciding what to charge including where you live, proposed mileage and how the car is to be used, for example will you be driving your sports car to work everyday?

Passing the Institute of Advance Driving Course or increasing your claims excess (the amount you automatically pay in the event of a claim) may also contribute to a lower insurance quotation, however, the disadvantage regarding this course of action is you may have to find a large sum of money in the event of a claim.

As with any specialist type of vehicle insurance, sports cars are a specialist area, therefore, consider obtaining quotations from insurance companies, brokers or aggregators who specialise in this sector – there is a good readup of porsche sports car insurance here. This approach may you save you time and offer the right level of cover for an acceptable premium. – the Sportscar insurance specialists

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