Reducing your Policy Costs

Reducing your Policy CostsQuantumCars Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

We are all aware that the cost of living is increasing and it seems that salaries never increase at the same rate. Our money has to stretch further than ever in these tough economic times but there are ways you can help to reduce costs.

Car insurance premiums have been rocketing in recent years but luckily there are many ways you can get the costs of these policies down. Here are a few handy tips:

  1. Age Drivers over the age of thirty can feel the benefit of the driving experience they have earned with discounted premiums. One reason for this is that it has been proven that older drivers are less likely to make a claim.
  1. Consolidation If you have more than one car then try to insure them with one company. We can find you a discount for multiple policies.
  1. Excess All car insurance policies will carry with them a minimum level of excess, but if you decide that you would rather pay a higher voluntary level of excess then you could find yourself paying lower premiums.
  1. Mileage Drivers whose mileage falls under a set limit will find themselves earning a discount on their premiums. As low mileage motorists are simply not on the road as much as other insured drivers, it stands to reason that they represent a lower risk.
  1. Named drivers Reducing the amount of named drivers on your policy can significantly reduce your insurance premiums. Try not to include any named drivers on your policy unless it is absolutely necessary, although its4me can offer you spouse discount on some policies.
  1. No claims discount Depending on the number of years no claims discount that you have earned, your premium will be reduced by a certain percentage. In some cases a good no claims bonus can earn you a discount of up to 60% or more. It is worth while remembering that no claims discount is only calculated in full years, or periods of twelve months, so try and avoid cancelling your car insurance policy mid-way through an annual term.
  1. Safety and security features Always remember to give full details of any security features your car has, like alarms, immobilisers or trackers, as you may benefit from insurance premium discounts. Extra safety features like crumple zones and side impact features may also help to reduce your premium.
  1. Vehicle type Cars are allocated into one of twenty groups according to classifications drawn up by the Association of British Insurers, and premiums calculated accordingly. Visit the ABI website to find out the grouping of your vehicle or prospective purchase.
  1. Take an advanced driving test This will make you a better, safer driver.
  1. Get breakdown cover and legal cover to protect yourself against having to pay out lots of money for events not covered by your policy.

Here at, we understand the importance of keeping your costs to a minimum and we hope you find these tips useful in cutting your car insurance costs. After all we are sure you have better things to spend your money on!

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