Petrol vs. Diesel Cars

Petrol vs. Diesel CarsShould I buy a petrol or diesel car?

When you are looking to purchase a car, one of the first questions that goes through your head is, “Petrol or Diesel?” Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides so how do you know which to pick? Look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and go by what your car will basically be used for.

Disadvantages of purchasing a petrol car:

The first disadvantage is that a petrol car is not as good on gas mileage as that of a diesel car. A petrol car burns fuel much quicker. Many cars used for driving lessons are diesel as its more cost efficient for the instructors.

Another disadvantage is that the engines in a petrol car don’t last as long as in a diesel car. A petrol engine will go about 150,000 miles while a diesel goes double that. This is not to say that petrol is unreliable, it just will have more mechanical issues as the mileage gets higher.

Advantages of purchasing a petrol car:

Even though petrol cars have disadvantages, they are a very popular form of transportation. First off, the engine is more cost efficient to make than that of a diesel engine and therefore the car costs less. Another advantage is the cost of petrol fuel is cheaper. Granted, diesel will get you further but the price of the fuel is cheaper. If you are looking only to travel to work and the store and home, this could be just the type of car for you.

Disadvantages of purchasing a diesel car:

Diesel cars will cost you more to purchase than that of a petrol car. This is one reason why the petrol has become so popular. This is especially so if they don’t plan on taking long road trips.

It has been rumored that the diesel engine doesn’t perform in terms of speed and responsiveness as well as the petrol engines; however, experts say this is just hearsay. Diesel cars can perform just as well as a petrol car and it will go additional miles for them to match where the petrol engine began. When you are learning to drive, you don’t want to learn with a car that takes off too quickly, hence, this is why they say driving lessons are given with petrol cars.

Advantages of purchasing a diesel car:

A diesel engine doesn’t require a spark to start the engine which does away with the possibility of faulty electrical components on the car. Diesel models are known to emit less CO2 emissions making them much cheaper to tax than a petrol car.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both petrol and diesel cars. This can leave you with a difficult decision when it comes to purchasing time. Make sure you base your purchase on how much you will be driving your car

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