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Petrol Pumps Fuel PricesMotorist getting a little bonus at the pumps

IT’S nice to get a little bit of an expected bonus, especially when you’re a hard up motorist.

Okay, so you can always strike a good deal on cheap car insurance at, but the thought of sky high fuel prices is certain to bring you down again. So the discovery by the AA that drivers are getting a bit more bang for their buck at the petrol pumps is a rare ray of sunshine.

What the AA found was that, due to older nozzles, some motorists may be receiving a little bit more fuel than the display shows them.

In certain cases, lucky motorists are getting about 4.4% more than they have paid for.

Ironically enough, the AA made this discovery when they decided to examine petrol pumps after some drivers complained that they weren’t getting enough fuel for what they were shelling out. However, their research found all pumps were in order, and that some of the older ones were pumping out a little bonus too.

But, like all good things, it looks like the clouds are gathering around this little bit of sunshine.

Fuel Prices – get more than you bargained for

The older equipment, which is giving drivers that bit extra, is set to be replaced as a new EU directive states that all petrol pumps must be replaced with up-to-date equipment by 2016. And despite this unexpected little windfall, the AA are still highlighting the challenges facing hard-up motorist.

“Not only did all the pumps dispense at least the right amount, but most gave even more,” said AA president Edmund King. “Some drivers have been benefiting from a lucky dip at the pumps, getting more fuel than they pay for.”

“However, crippling pump prices have produced desperation among poorer drivers, particularly those trying to get by on £10, £20 or £30 weekly fuel spends that their family budgets can barely afford.”

Those areas lucky enough to benefit from this “lucky dip” are Cumbria, Derby and South Wales.

Throw in the government’s recent decision, under pressure from motoring groups, to postpone the 3p rise in fuel duty which was due to come in August, and drivers have a rare bit of good news with regard to fuel prices.

But how long will it last?

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