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Safety and Security for the Cheapest Deals

money savingThe amount that people in the UK have to fork out on their car insurance premium has slowly been increasing year on year.  Obviously, folk want to find ways to keep these costs as low as possible and often ask whether beefing up the security on their motors will help to lower premiums – the answer is a resounding YES.

Alarms, immobilisers, trackers, even the good old steering wheel lock – all these measures will help to deter potential thieves and they are likely to go and look for an easier target elsewhere.

In this section, we can go through the different kinds of security methods that are likely to have an influence on your premiums. Many people have the belief that any extra cover that they take out will decrease the annual premium but sadly this is not always the case.

Without doubt some actions to increase security can have a real impact on the premiums you can pay, but there are many other measures people use which have no influence whatsoever on car insurance premiums, one is to make sure you fully understand the lingo the insurers use and a few other measures are highlighted below:

Safe & Secure to Save Money

The effectiveness of steering wheels locks has long been a proven security method for many possible car thefts but in spite of this it’s recognised that many thefts still occur when these devices are used. Most car thefts are done by the professionals and a good many of these know how to disable a wheel lock.

Using one of these devices will not really reduce your premiums by much – it just makes it a little harder for the thief.  Getting an approved alarm and immobiliser fitted is usually the best deterrant, as is keeping valuables out of view of potential thieves.

Garaging your Vehicle

You’ll find that the best place to keep your vehicle overnight is in a securely locked garage – its vary rare that thefts occur when the vehicle is off the public roads and away from prying eyes (unless its a high value sportscar, being ‘stolen to order’ in effect).  If you garage your car at home, insurers look on this favourably.

While lots of people have garages, few people actually use them for their cars – they just become extra storage space for garden tools, old christmas decorations and things you’ll probably never use again but just can’t bear to throw away.  If you state on your insurance that you keep the car garaged at night its essential that you actually do this in practice.

If by some chance you have your car stolen from your property and it wasn’t in the garage like you promised, the insurance company have the right to withhold a claim.  So if you have access to a garage, and its not full of junk, then it makes good sense to keep your pride and joy tucked away safely in there at night.

There are many reasons why premiums vary in the United Kingdom.

1) The location of your property where the vehicle is kept.

2) The location where you work.

3) High crime rate in the area.

4) The age factor – younger drivers.

An additional tip is to examine the quotes from other insurers simply and quickly by completing one simple, no obligation quote form where you will find all the best deals in one easy place.

By having your car protected with efficient security measures, hopefully you will not be the next target of a car crime.  In the added awareness that you are protected against car crime, you can relax knowing that your premiums could be reduced yearly.

We hope that these tips were beneficial to you, so go compare quotes online today!

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