Making a Claim

car insurance claimsMaking The Car Accident Claims Process Clearer

All of us hope we never find ourselves involved in a traffic accident or the victim of vehicle theft, not least because the circumstances may be very traumatic for any individuals involved. If you find yourself in the situation of making a claim the information in our useful guide below could prove invaluable.

It is worth remembering every insurer will have a different claims process, therefore it is advisable to read your policy document before you make a claim. In most cases there will be a section in the policy on what to do in the event of a claim. Its worth bearing in mind that any claim will likely increase your car insurance premiums in the future, and if you have a high excess on your policy make sure that its cost effective to go through the insurance company. Could you afford to pay the excess – sometimes its cheaper to get it fixed yourself.

Some Insurers have simplified the claims process by providing 24-hour claims assistant help line to give you prompt attention. This may prove priceless if your vehicle is immobilised after an accident. A good practice is to take a note of the ‘claims help’ phone numbers once you receive your motor policy documents and place them in the car ready for use in case of emergency. Your insurer may provide you with a tax disc holder or leaflet which contains details of claims help lines and windscreen claim phone numbers.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident with another vehicle, your Insurer will want to know precise details of what actually happened. Therefore, when it is safe to do so, try to obtain as much information as possible regarding what caused the accident. Sketch the road and car accident scene. Make a note of the weather conditions at the time of the accident, the name, address, phone number of all other drivers and the same detail for their Insurers and any witnesses. Even if you are involved in an accident with no other vehicles, you will still need to provide your Insurer with as much information as possible.

It is possible your Insurer may operate a recommended repairer scheme. This means the Insurer will already have arrangements with certain garage repair centres that they have approved. This would appear to simplify the claims process, as the Insurer will advise you of the nearest recommended repairer. Dependant upon the scope of motor insurance cover purchased you may be entitled to a courtesy car while your car is repaired.

Most, if not all, Insurers will have agreements with Windscreen repair companies. Check with your Motor Insurer for details before repairing a damaged car windscreen, to avoid your claim being refused.

Should your car and its property be stolen, inform the Police and your insurance company immediately. Your insurer will be able to advise on what happens next and how long before your insurance claim will be settled.

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