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Kit cars are an obsession for some people and a weekend toy for others. Part of the fun is the joy in putting together this type of vehicle. Most kit cars are either classic or sports replicas. It used to be the case that these vehicles were identified on the road through their ‘Q’ registration prefix, however, the DVLA will accept the registration prefix applicable when the car is registered.

What kind of cover is needed?

As far as the industry is concerned this is a specialist type of car insurance. For those who spend many weeks and months building their dream car, insurance cover may be required during the building phase as many replica kits do not come cheap.

Once the car is on the road it is worth assessing your estimated mileage as you may qualify for a limited mileage policy. As with any insured vehicle you may be able to reduce the premium quoted if the kit car is garaged overnight and fitted with appropriate recommended security devices.

Another option sometimes offered by brokers and insurance companies is agreed valuation. For a small fee, agreed valuation means the kit car value is agreed and guaranteed by the insurance company at the time the policy is taken out, therefore, should the car be written off or stolen, there can be no disagreements as to the value of the kit car.

As with any policy always check the wordings and seek clarification from the company if in doubt.

Where do I find the best deals on kit car insurance?

Usually this type of motor cover is obtained through specialist brokers, intermediaries and online aggregators. Consider obtaining several quotes to compare prices and declare everything there is to know about the vehicle to be insured and ensure your first port of call for a cheap quote is our simple, no obligation quote form!

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