Insurance for Classic Cars – Finding the Right Policy

Classic Car Insurance – cheaper than you think!

classic carYou have been longing to own a classic car, its been a dream of yours for years and now its finally here in your garage, safely tucked away from anything that can damage it. It’s your pride and joy, but what happens if by chance someone tries to steal it, remember this is a classic car and these are often stolen to order and shipped off abroad.

Its imperative to ensure you have the correct Classic Car Insurance policy, your bog standard ordinary cover often won’t suffice. Having the right cover for your classic car may may not only provide better cover but surprisingly cost far less than cover you can find through the MoneySuperMarkets and GoCompares of the world.

These beautiful vintage vehicles are always treated with kid gloves by their owners, who painstakingly keep them clean, spotless and in concourse condition.  Generally far fewer miles per year are covered and bad weather conditions are avoided at all costs which helps to lower the price of these policies. For a specialist vehicle you need a specialist policy.

Your vintage car insurance quote will be based on the value and the type of use, such as the following:

Using for Show only and not on road use will reduced the rate of premiums, but will only be covered for any damage whilst being taken to shows and while in the show.

Off Road cover is insurance for a car that is not driven on the public highway. This insurance is designed to safeguard it from accidental damage plus fire and theft whilst being storedsecurely on your private property. If being stored elsewhere you should advise your insurer as they will need to approve the storage address.

Comprehensive cover will probably cost you more but the cover you get will include accidental damage, fire and theft and in some cases you can be covered for spares and any motoring accessories, these all being agreed when taking out the policy. Yes this cover can be costly but with such a treasured investment you will want the best cover for your classic car.

Why not give us a try at QuantumCars. It only takes a moment and your precious asset will have the car insurance you require.  Not having the right cover in place can be very costly for you, could you imagine the repair costs for a classic. It’s not worth chancing it. So whether you have a classic Jensen, a vintage Morris or a beautiful old Aston, go online and give us a try now!

Classic Cover for Specialist Vehicles – Cheapest Prices!

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