Ford Mondeo Review

ford mondeo reviewQuality and excellence – more affordable than you think

It’s not often you see value for money and excellent quality in the same sentence, but the Ford Mondeo marries these seemingly contradictory concepts, with no shortage of style into bargain.

When other manufacturers boast reliability and quality, it usually translates into a high price tag. Likewise, rock-bottom prices may seem attractive, but what happens when the bottom falls out of your shoddy motor?

The Mondeo combines quality with affordability, which not only reflected in a competitive purchase price, but also in the low servicing costs and cheap car insurance available.

Now snapping at the heels of the VW Passat at the higher end of the family saloon market, the Ford Mondeo is a natural cruising car on the open road. However, recent improvements have seen it equally at home nipping around the urban jungle or negotiating those winding country roads.

This is down to a combination of the more refined Duratec petrol engines and easier steering. The steering wheel features a firm grip and is easy to handle, as well as being quite responsive.

The improved engines also lead to greater fuel economy, reinforcing the great value you get from owning a Ford Mondeo.

Ford Mondeo – Quality in the Cabin

Over the years, Ford have gradually added to the quality of the cabin in the Ford Mondeo, resulting in something now bordering on luxury. There can be a slight bit of wind noise, but nothing too obtrusive and a handy suspension system brings even more comfort to what is already a smooth drive. The Ford Mondeo is also very accommodating for passengers with ample room for five adults.

The boot is equally as generous when it comes to storage space, but the only little grumble is the lack storage space around the rear seats.

When it comes to equipment, Ford has crammed a lot into even the most standard Ford Mondeo models. You can get ABS, air conditioning, front and rear electric windows and a CD player without shelling out a penny more than the purchase price. When you consider the cracking deals you can get for cheaper car insurance with us, you’ll be getting a lot more bang for you buck.

Those standard features also include front, rear and side airbags, which all go towards bolstering the Mondeo’s safety credentials. It has also received five stars in the NCAP tests, and when it comes to car insurance, safety is a big plus when comparing quotes.

Another area the insurers like to scrutinise is security and with deadlocks and remote central locking as standard, the Mondeo won’t be found wanting there either.

With increased reliability and performance, the Ford Mondeo has come a long way in recent years and is now a major player in the family saloon market. A plush feel to the interior, coupled with a smooth driving experience, go toward enhancing the quality of the Mondeo.

With parts readily available and no shortage of garages willing to service Fords, maintenance and servicing costs are usually low. Depreciation is a bit larger than you may hope for, but even picking up a two- or three-year-old Ford Mondeo represents ideal value.

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