Finding cheaper cover – are you seen as risky business?

Risky BusinessPlay it Safe

Insurance is all about risk… Its basically just a big pot of money we all pay into to cover us in the event of an unfortunate accident. With luck and being aware of road safety, you will never need to take from the pot but if the worst does happen you’ll be glad you paid in.

The higher amount of risk you appear to present to an insurer, the more likely it is that you’ll be dipping into this pot. Unfortunately this means you have to put more money in the pot to start with through higher insurance costs.

All the information you provide to the insurance companies needs to be truthful and accurate but there are a few more factors to be aware of to help cut your motoring costs:

1) Mileage is a very important rating factor. Think hard about how many miles you will cover per year, this needs to be an accurate figure but if you have overestimated this number by a few thousand miles your policy may not be as cheap as it can be.

2) Cheaper car insurance can be easily obtained by choosing a higher excess on your policy. Again this is about risk, the more you are willing to pay towards the bill in the event of an accident, the less you pay for your insurance premium to start with. Its all about potential risk and reward. If you are in the above average risk category you may need to speak to a specialist broker.

3) The place you park your car overnight will influence your price so safety and security should be a priority. Your best discount will apply if you can keep your car safely in a secure garage at night. The risk is higher for cars parked overnight in the street as they are more likely to be damaged or nicked. Parking on your driveway is always a good middle option but, if you’ve got a garage, maybe its time for a clearout!

No matter what kind of car you drive or cover you need, aim to help save you money.

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