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Convicted DriversYou can find cheap cover despite driving convictions

SP30, TS10, PC30, CU10, MW10, DR10, drink, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.  Confused?  Cheap car insurance is not necessarily a thing of the past for you although you need specialist advice. Don’t fret though, we can guide you through the minefield of convicted drivers cover and get you the best deal possible.

If you have recently had a conviction for drink driving you now will find that your cover is extremely costly. If you cannot find an insurer there are some companies that specialise in cover for convicted drivers.

You must never drive without proper cover as the penalties are steep. The Police have many ways to check as to whether you have the proper cover or not, with their number plate readers they can check in excess of three thousand cars an hour.  If you are unfortunate enough to be stopped without cover you could face fines of up to £4500 and penalty points. So do not hesitate, let us help you make the right choices – get your convicted car insurance quotation now.

Just because you have one conviction it does not necessarily mean that you will re-offend, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  There have been many people who have had a few drinks then attempted to drive home and had an accident that could have been avoided. We do not make any excuses for drinking and driving but we are aware that these things happen and will do our best to find you a great deal.

Convicted Drivers can still make valuable savings

If you have any of the following convictions we still may be able to help you find a great saving:

  • Driving or attempting to drive whilst above the legal limit
  • Driving in a dangerous manner
  • Convicted for driving when unfit due to drugs
  • Minor Convictions SP30 TS10 PC30 CU10 MW10
  • Convicted driver insurance for sports cars
  • Accident and convicted
  • Driving ban completed
  • Drink drivers scheme
  • Drug drivers scheme
  • Multiple convicted drivers
  • IN10 Uninsured driver scheme
  • Multiple convictions
  • DR10 Drink driver (Courses taken and ban reduced scheme )
  • UT40/50 scheme (taking or driving a vehicle without the owners permission)

Premiums for convicted drivers are high mainly due to the fact that insurers consider you “High Risk”, due to this you may be asked to pay higher excesses on your next policy but don’t worry, we have specialists to help you get every discount available.  We are very competitive and can offer you the best quotes around leaving you properly protected and with peace of mind.

Some drivers, who have a conviction, pay for their cover on a monthly basis as the full cost is too expensive all at once.  What can happen here sometimes is they can’t afford their payments and still continue to drive, be aware that the police have databases and they can find out almost immediately that you’re driving without cover if you happen to be stopped.

Don’t get caught without car insurance, contact your insurer immediately if you have any questions regarding a driving conviction.

We can cover you for any situation that you have been convicted for.  Our specialist insurers will find you the best policy for you no matter what the conviction and save you money into the bargain.

If you have already had some quotations do not accept them until you have contacted us, we are more than sure that we will be able to reduce it.  Some of our staff is specially trained to deal with cover for convicted drivers; they are looking for these quotations everyday and can find all the deals for you.

It doesn’t do to dwell on the past, you have criminal conviction for driving, that doesn’t mean the you don’t qualify any savings and discounts, so why not enter your details online or give us a call.

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Convicted Drivers Car Insurance – Don’t Pay More Than You Have To

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