Car Insurance Terms Glossary

car insurance glossary If you have the feeling that you need to take extra language classes to speak insurance, you don’t have to worry because you aren’t alone. However, you will need to have some basic understanding of terms that define car insurance as they spell out the terms of your coverage. It’s these terms that spell out [...] Continue reading →

Making a Claim

car insurance claims Making The Car Accident Claims Process Clearer All of us hope we never find ourselves involved in a traffic accident or the victim of vehicle theft, not least because the circumstances may be very traumatic for any individuals involved. If you find yourself in the situation of making a claim the information in our useful [...] Continue reading →

Insurance for Imported Cars

Imported Cars Car Imports – Getting The Right Cover If you already own an imported car, or are thinking of buying this type of vehicle for the first time, you may be aware that imported car insurance premiums will be expensive. One reason for this is some foreign car parts are not necessarily readily available and have [...] Continue reading →

Kit Car Insurance

kit cars Specialist Kit Car & Replica Car Insurance Kit cars are an obsession for some people and a weekend toy for others. Part of the fun is the joy in putting together this type of vehicle. Most kit cars are either classic or sports replicas. It used to be the case that these vehicles were identified [...] Continue reading →
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