Advice on Road Safety

Advice on Road Safety Stay Safe, See Car Insurance Premiums Plumet We should all treat road safety with respect as saving lives on our roads is important and no matter how good a driver we think we aree can all probably benefit from some road safety advice.  Sometimes we all get a little complacent with our driving, maybe getting [...] Continue reading →

Up-to-date Insurance Technology

Technology Brings Cheaper Car Insurance Technology Brings With It Cheaper Prices Whilst we have looked at some tips which could cause your car insurance costs to plumet together with some insurance myths, you may not be aware of the the modern methods that are used to calculate your premiums. Many of the older techniques are no longer in use when your [...] Continue reading →

Insurance Myths Explored

Car Insurance Myths Insurance Myths – fact or fiction? In this article we’ll take a look at how your quote may be calculated and explain the advantages of the modern day online van insurance comparison site. In general, the term ‘underwriter’ refers to a method that insurers (as well as banks and private investors) use to work out [...] Continue reading →
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