Five Cheapest Cars to Insure

cheapest car insurance Moneys Tight so Buy Wisely While who you are may have a huge bearing on how much you pay for your car insurance, the car you drive will also be highly significant. An economical car will not only save you money on your car insurance, it will also be cheaper to service and obtain parts [...] Continue reading →

Save Money By Shopping Around

Shop Around For Cheap Car Insurance First Impressions Don’t Count Some people may believe in love at first sight, and we’re often told that first impressions last, but when it comes to finding cheap car insurance, having a first, second, third and even fourth look is essential. In fact, comparing as many different  quotes as possible will not only get you the [...] Continue reading →

What is Car Insurance?

what is car insurance When it comes to the essentials in life, car insurance is one of them. Car or automobile insurance is used in incidents such as car accidents and theft among other situations. Some insurance policies can cover mechanical repairs that were caused by external factors such as vandalism, fire, or an accident. Your insurance policy comes [...] Continue reading →

Reducing your Policy Costs

Reducing your Policy Costs QuantumCars Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance We are all aware that the cost of living is increasing and it seems that salaries never increase at the same rate. Our money has to stretch further than ever in these tough economic times but there are ways you can help to reduce costs. Car insurance premiums have [...] Continue reading →

HPI Data Check for Used Cars

HPI Data Check HPI Check for Used Cars are Invaluable The majority of people these days own a car and with the rising costs of daily living the second hand car market is thriving. People just cant afford to get a brand new car every three years just to keep up with the Joneses and the amount of depreciation you [...] Continue reading →
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