Car Insurance Policy Types Explained

Finding The Best Policy For You

It is a legal requirement to have car insurance in the United Kingdom. But there are varying degrees of cover, stipulations and procedures sometimes too many to grasp. Some people do not look at all the options available and buy the first one that comes along.

Below you will find details of the three different policy types:


This is the cheapest policy type, with the lowest degree of cover. You are only covered for any damage caused by your car to another vehicle or their goods.

You will have complete cover for injury or death, which if you were to drive without cover would be costly and could bankrupt you. You will be insured up to around twenty million pounds for any harm or mishap to property. You are also insured for sixty days travel in EU countries.

The main thing for you to consider with this cover is that you will not be insured for repairs nor to replace your vehicle should you be involved in an accident for which you are at fault.  You will be liable for any repairs and personal property be it stolen or destroyed in an accident.

This type of policy is not advisable for vehicles that are on finance, or have a high replacement value. It is recommended that you consider a quote for Comprehensive cover.

Car Insurance with Fire and Theft cover

There are added benefits with this policy as opposed to the Third Party only cover.  You are covered if it is stolen, damaged by attempted theft, fire or acts of nature i.e lightening.

Music systems if fitted as standard, with a ceiling value of five hundred pounds. It includes cover for fitted accessories to the vehicle whilst in the owner’s garage. Only standard fitted extras are covered without any extra premium. I you have replaced any standard equipment you will have to inform your insurer.

This type of policy is inclusive of the basic third party policy cover. You are still responsible for payment of any damages to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident of which you are at fault.

Details of a Comprehensive Policy

This is the most costly  cover and offers you and your family the most substantial insurance needed to guard against all eventualities if you are involved in a car accident.

You will have the confidence that you have invested in the best policy for you and your family. No need to concern yourself with repairs or the money for the repairs or a replacement car, in the event of an accident this will all be covered with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Its not necessarily vehicle accidents or theft that you will require your comprehensive cover, there are numerous things such as vandals, slashed tyres, acts of nature such as floods.

What about the hazard in the road, debris from lorries that you cannot avoid, stones striking your windshield?? These will all be covered with a fully comprehensive policy.

How will you get to work whilst your car is in the garage after an accident??  You could be without it for 2 – 3 weeks.  A comprehensive policy will make available a loan car for the duration of the repairs. The repairs are then guaranteed for up to 5 years when done by an authorised repairer.  If the damage to the car is greater than sixty per cent of the value and is less that one year old the vehicle will be replaced. This is known as total loss claim.

In addition to all the above you will benefit from medical expenses cover, which as you may be aware of can be very costly.

All this from your comprehensive policy.

Other items that you have in your motor vehicle,  such as laptops, child car seat, cd’s etc are all covered when you go fully comp. Must of us don’t realise this as at the time our main priority is our car.

You also have cover for personal injury, including death. All these benefits are additional to the basic benefits that we wrote about at the beginning of this article.

Just to jog your memory a short list below.

a)  Unlimited insurance cover for death or injury due to an accident
b)  Accidental damage to a third parties property
c)  Allows you to drive other cars, (subject to your policy conditions)
d)  Travel to EU countries for a period of 60 days
e)  Cover for acts of nature, theft
f)  Audio equipment (if fitted as standard with the car)
g)  Other fitted equipment in your car if car is in your private garage.

Contact us for a quote on any of these types of policies and we’ll help you find the best deals!

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