Car Insurance for age 50 and Over

Life (And Cheaper Cover) begins at 50!

Being 50 and over can have many benefits and one of them is cheaper car insurance.

Statistically records show that being over 50 the chances of you having and accident diminish. So with these records of low claims on over the age of 50 drivers, you are sure to see this reflected in the cost of your car insurance premium.

For all those drivers who are over 50 we can offer you excellent cover for lower premiums, the reason for these discounts is that you are most likely a better driver, than younger drivers with you having years of experience on our very busy roads.

Research and its Impact on Drivers

Statistics show that drivers over 50 do drive more carefully and are far less aggressive than younger drivers.  This being the case, the over 50’s do not make as many claims, leading to cheaper premiums for them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never make a claim at this age, but records show that you are least likely to make a claim.

Over 50 car insurance will come with some considerable benefits, such as breakdown cover, courtesy car included in the premium.  Be careful in reading your quotations to find out what is and what is not available to you.

You have come to the right site for your over 50 car insurance.  We are aware that you want to find not only the cheapest but also the best cover for yourself. – cheaper insurance for the over 50s

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