Car Insurance Comparison

Go Compare! Your guide to getting the cheapest quotes

compare car insuranceCar insurance – what a minefield! Everyone tells you different things and advertisers fight for your business. So if you want to find the best prices (and we all do right?) what’s the best thing to do?

Are you old enough to remember the days when you had to scour multiple sites or even ring round to look for the best deal? Chances were, if you rang back a week later, you might get a different quote altogether….. Very confusing and time consuming!

Then sites started to appear that enabled anyone to compare prices from different companies. We’ve all seen the adverts and we all know the huge expense of advertising on TV, so how have these companies been so successful and what’s the best way to get a good deal?

Prices go up and down all the time and insurers use computer software to keep them updated. You’d think companies would pass on savings on to you, but they often prefer a fixed, higher amount to allow for ups and downs. Comparison sites, however, demand the lowest prices available from insurers and pass these on to the consumer in bulk, so you can be sure you are comparing the best deals available. Also, the best prices might not come from the companies we’ve all heard of, so a comparison site lets you know the best deals across the board.

Compare car insurance for the best deals.

You’ve probably seen adverts from insurers encouraging you to go directly to them. After all, they don’t want their prices listed side by side with their competitors. They also don’t want to pay commission to a comparison website – they’d rather deal with the customer direct. This would be understandable if they then passed that saving on in their prices, but there’s no way to know this if you don’t compare with other insurers.

Insurers rely on ‘average drivers’ with simple requirements. But these days, who has easy situations that fall into simple categories? Contact an insurer direct and their offers are often much more limited than their adverts would have you believe. Reports suggest that one company, who use a pop star to advertise their policies, refuse to cover musicians! Whatever your situation, the range of policies available on comparison sites ensure that you can find the right deal for you.

Many brokers will rely on repeat business and the sale of extras (such as breakdown cover) to make money. So they will offer policies at cost price – what they pay the insurers – to get your business. So their commission is not passed on to you. Some will even go further and charge less than they pay to the insurers, relying on their overall commission income to provide huge savings.

So you’re buying a new car – your soon-to-be ‘pride and joy’. Not only are you legally required to have cover, it’s common sense as well. But it’s an expensive business, if you’re looking for genuinely cheap car insurance, use a comparison site – use two or three in fact – and you will continue to get the cheapest rates available. Comparison Site