Breakdown Cover

Car Breakdown Cover From Quantum

Getting breakdown cover as part of your car insurance package is a great benefit, knowing that there is always help at hand if you breakdown or have an accident will give you piece of mind and make you feel more comfortable in the unfortunate event of such things happening.

Most of the main insurance companies will offer you breakdown cover and having it included with your car insurance will save you money long term, but if your not lucky enough to get it included with your policy, fear not! We’ve secured a fantastic deal with GreenFlag which we believe gives you the best cover available at the cheapest price in the country.

Car Breakdown Cover Types

Comprehensive Breakdown Cover

This cover offers the most protection for you and your car in the UK. You will be fully covered in the case of an accident or breakdown, no matter where in the UK it occurs.  This would be a great choice for any new driver as it would give them more confidence knowing that you are covered for every eventuality.

Basic Breakdown Cover

Basic Breakdown cover (often called ‘Roadside Assistance’) will only cover you if you are a set radius from your house.  If you breakdown outside of this radius you will receive help.  This basic cover may well be a great deal cheaper than comprehensive cover but on a cold winters morning, its nice to be covered at home if your car won’t start.

What benefits do you get?

Your insurer will take care of the following if you have purchased breakdown cover.

a)  Most of the breakdown plans will endeavour to repair your vehicle at the site of the
Breakdown, if this is not possible it will be taken to the nearest recommended repairer.

b)  Your breakdown company will do their best to get you to your journey’s end if your car
breaks down away from home.

c)  If it is agreed in your cover you may be entitled to a hire car or you could get payment
for a train etc.

If you are stranded you could also get Hotel or B & B accommodation, but this is not offered to everyone so you should read your breakdown cover policy carefully before setting off.

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