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Cheap parking at airports, but only for the planes

Isn’t it really annoying when you think you’re getting a great deal from one of those budget airlines, only to find out that you’re going to end up spending much more than you thought?

Jetting off to the south of Spain for five may seem to be good too be true and very often it is, once you’re factor in the charges for using your credit card, checking a bag, printing off your boarding pass and breathing in the oxygen while you’re on the plane (okay, so I made that last one).

Driving a car has also become an expensive business, and when you combine it with flying, you’ll be amazed at the discoveries you make.

Take this survey on car parking at airports for example. It found that parking your car at airport all day costs more than having a small aircraft stationed there.

Unsurprisingly, Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was the most expensive with motorist expected to fork out £51.80 for a day’s parking there. That makes finding cheap car insurance even more important.

The survey, carried out by The Independent newspaper, looked at the 10 busiest airports in Britain. It found that parking a small aircraft at Manchester Airport for a day would set you back £21 as opposed to the £35 you would have to pay park your car there for the same period.

The disparity was even greater down the road at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. Parking a car there all day would cost just a penny under £40 while a light aircraft could rest its wings there for just £10.75 – that’s nearly a quarter of the car park charge, imagine that.

It appears that airports are making a lot more money of motorists than they are from aviators, as Russell Craig of Manchester Airport reveals.

“Years ago airports made all their money from the planes. Now at Manchester, aviation income makes up less than half of our revenues,” he told the Independent.

“To be able to keep investing, you’ve got to find new revenue streams and some of that is car parking. But pre-booking is the way to save money. The turn-up prices are what they are.”

Motoring organisations say the prices are ‘incredible’ but admit that aren’t really surprised the results of the survey.

“These are incredible findings that sadly may not come as a surprise to drivers who often have to pay eye watering sums for parking in an airport car park, said Paul Watters of the AA.

“Drivers will probably look enviously at parked aircraft wondering just how it can be that motorists pay more when the space they are using is much less.”

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