Advice on Road Safety

Advice on Road Safety

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We should all treat road safety with respect as saving lives on our roads is important and no matter how good a driver we think we aree can all probably benefit from some road safety advice.  Sometimes we all get a little complacent with our driving, maybe getting too close to the vehicle in front or not paying attention to other road users, thinking of what’s for dinner instead of concentrating on the road.

Some Tips for Road Safety

The longer we have been driving we seem to get more relaxed when driving, maybe not paying enough notice of what is going on around us , this kind of complacency very often can lead to road accidents.  Watching for the changing speed limits needs concentration on some of our roads where there are varying limits.

Never use a mobile whilst driving, get a hands free set. When entering built up areas check your speed, there will be children around in these areas and speed can kill. For some road safety advice visit the website below and get some information on road safety.

Drink Driving

It is a fact of life that you will always get some people who repeatedly drink and drive. They are under the illusion that they will be ok.

Alcohol may give you more confidence, but it will slow down your reaction times and interferes with your concentration levels. There is one thing to remember, you will pay higher car insurance premiums if you are convicted of drink driving and are lucky enough to keep your licence.

Tired Drivers

If you get the feeling that you cannot concentrate through tiredness, pull over and rest.  All our reactions are a great deal slower when we are tired and it can have the same effect on your judgement as being drunk. If you are not able to pull over straight away open your window and play some music.  Get to the nearest rest stop as soon as possible for a coffee and ideally a little nap.

Following these simple steps will enable you to have a safe journey.

Weather and Driving Conditions

Adverse weather can affect our driving skills and if the weather is so bad it would be wise to ask yourself, is my journey absolutely necessary?

Check that the route you have chosen is still safe to use, use local radio for updates on road conditions.  If your journey is a necessity prepare wisely. Warm clothes, a torch, some food and also maybe a shovel are essential in the kind of winter we’ve been experiencing in the last few years.

For some more road safety advice visit

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